Riley Stewart Winter Wk 9 PPJ

Well, got a few things done this week. First of all, got the particles for the firebreath done for Ruben to implement on the attack. I used the existing fireball particle and material as a base, however i needed to make quite a few changes to them. The material needed a new alpha to change the shape of the sprites, so they were circular as opposed to oblong as with the fireball. The circular shape of the sprites works a bit better when spread out like it is with the fire breath. Additionally, i had to make sure the sprites spread out into a proper cone shape when activated.









After finishing the fire breath, i worked on the buildings a bit more. Destroying them from their complete forms was pretty simple. I used the multi-cut tool to cut jagged cuts across the geometry, and then pulled the pieces apart and scattered them around the tile. Additionally, I used Maya’s built-in sculpting tools to quickly drag and deform the geometry to give it a more natural rough look. I’ll have to go back and fix the geometry, as there are a few n-gons and open holes, but this will be fairly quick as i dont have to worry about the edge flow too much.



Pros: Finished fire, quickly creating ruins

Cons: Still not there yet.



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