Robert Fernandez PPJ Winter Week 09

Well this week was not productive for me at all.  I actually flew out to San Francisco, CA at the start of last week for GDC 2017.  While I was there I met a lot of people in the motion capture industry and possibily found a mentor or two to help me get better at motion capture.  I also met the CEO of the House of Moves, which is really good motion capture studio out in Hollywood, so that’s cool!  I decided to just post some photos of my trip below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So coming back from GDC I was very very beat.  I came back Sunday morning and then had a ton of work to catch up on.  I finished up the walk cycle but when I imported it into the game I found out it had some weird rotations and I could figure it out tonight so I’ll need to get that working tomorrow or later this week.


  • I met so many awesome people in the motion capture industry at GDC (Maybe entering real life will be easier than I thought!)
  • Might have gotten a mocap mentor


  • GDC took so much time…

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