Team PPJ Winter Week 9

This week has been pretty terrible for everyone. On the coding side, we have made progress on various fronts, such as the dragon controller, island avoidance, minimap, and melee system. However, as more and more new code was integrated, new bugs became apparent which threw a major wrench into the programming teams progress this week. Many of these bugs were crushed, but progress was slowed and there are still some existing bugs that haven’t been crushed yet. The art team had a similar situation. Lots of new animations have been made and implemented for both the rider and dragon, new islands models have been implemented, and the dragon has some new particles, however they have also been set back by errors with new models, re-targeting animations, and dealing with the sheer amount of animation work that needed to be done.




All in all, we are continuing to move forward, but not as the pace we want. This week hit us with way too many setbacks, which hopefully means less setbacks as we move into week 10.


  • Lots of work done
  • Nearly to beta stage


  • Some major parts, such as lobby system and other functionality are built but not finished
  • Communication on Art team over animations needs to be improved
  • Beta is next week

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