Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Winter Week 10

While this week consisted mostly of wrapping things up for beta lock, which for me meant making sure every animation that needs to be in the game both exists, and is implemented in the game. Most of the animations were already in a rough state at the start of the week, the only ones that did not exist at all were the dragon mount animation, and grapple hang. We already had mocap footage shot for this, so it was pretty easy to make something rough. The mount animation was a lot of MotionBuilder work, I combined 3 different clips, animated over them a bit and speed corrected it. A mount animation could be very detailed, but since we have a multiplayer game, it should be quick so the player does not have to wait too long for the animation to play. After that I spent a decent amount of time in Unreal getting the animations to play. It took some help from the programming team, but all the animations are in the game now. I didn’t watch any movie I feel particularly strong about this week, but Le Parc was a very nice little movie,


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