Dong Kim Winter Week 10 PPJ

I have been really productive this week. I overdue all my other class’s works and only focus to finish the beta stage. I had hard time figuaring out lots of things this week. One of the biggest problem was that out audio team told us today that they don’t currently have have anything done. I found and created soundeffects online for placeholder. I think this was really good idea because I didn’t wanted to rely on audio team so much since making music is tough. Most of the sound effects are in but they are not perfect. I will polish them for the next term

The other thing I worked on was the main menu screen. The new maaain menu has our character in it with the particke effects. I got really good render image from our art team and I was able to create animation really easily. Only thing I did was to tone the image to fit the background and make some mist particle effect.

For others, I fixed minior bugs on the menu and implemented hud for the game.

Pro: Minor errors fixed, new main menu, sfx are implemented

Cons: did not completed all the sfx


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