Healthy Moeung PPJ Winter Week 10

This week was wrap up week. I wrapped things up. I got my dragon beta animation done. I cleaned up a few and made a few dozen poses. The poses were mostly for transitions, aiming, and other things along those lines. I know what needs to be cleaned on them for the final version. Which should take one week. ONE week. Anymore and I’m hurting the team.

Um, I also animated two Rider stuff. Rider falling and a mount attack. That was fun. Animating the rider was how I learned that our rig was wrong! Our human rig had tibias longer than its femur. That was a doozy of a conversation.

Oh! I also helped Sally and Pat with Main Menu Stuff. Guess what I did! I posed the characters. I’m just a full time animator these days! *Sparkles in the limelight*

I helped Matt a little with textures but I couldn’t do much cause texturing rocks are hard.

Almost close to done animations for dragon for the project Thank you Snow Gods for blessing me with this blizzard.

I’m so tired of these all nighters.
Did you see our beta video? It was great. What a good laugh I needed.


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