Joshua Healy Winter Week 10 PPJ

Definitely a hard week, but hey, that’s finals for you. This week was super productive for me (for senior project, sorry other classes) with a lot of new stuff implemented to the game. For starters, I completely revamped the melee system. It now uses animation blueprints and anim notifies to function, making it a lot easier to control and honestly more fun for the player with the smarter logic. It’s also completely(?) bug free, and replicates well for the client.

Speaking of replication, that’s where almost all my time went. I worked a lot on new and old bugs in features ranging from the grapple to the bow to everything in between to make them work just as well for the client as the server. The other issue I fixed was each player seeing things work fine for their player, but not the enemy (such as animations, visiblity, etc).



I also added a little more logic for movement and grapple, and because of that could implement some animations. The grapple now is fully animated from shooting, to being pulled, to hanging off the wall. There’s definitely a lot of bugs in what I did this week though. For one, the client side enemy dragon grapple has a lot of issues, and the dragon collider in general isn’t easy to pick up on. Definitely lots to work on next quarter! Overall, though, I’m happy with the number of features present in the game.



Very productive this week, lots accomplished

The game achieved playable beta


Still a lot than can be fixed

Not as far along as hoped



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