Kevin Carlos PPJ Winter Week 10

This week was a pretty painful one, but that was to be expected. Tons of work has been going in to get our game to the beta lock version we want. What I spent most of my time this week on was setting up the lobby system of the game, helping fix bugs around the code, and doing a lot of work for our eventual presentation.

With the lobby, I have been able to get the working lobby based on Ruben’s code, where the host player waits in a near empty scene for a client to connect. When a client connects, both the server and client move the the map they are going to play on.


This took me a lot longer than I wanted to, as this was my first time working in depth with the networking/lobby code, and I had to spend time learning it. I also wasted a lot of time testing different ideas on how the lobby would work, such as waiting in the main menu until the clients connect, or having a character scene where character’s can’t move, and a cinematic camera captures them. Trying these new versions, also broke some original code, so when I wanted to revert I had to spend a while trying to fix what I had changed. But I was still able to get the lobby done for the 2v2 Map. A lobby map still needs to be made for the 3 team map, but this would follow the same formula, and can be quickly done in the Spring.

I then spent a lot of time trying to get the project to a point where we could test it and get recorded footage for the Beta video. Doing this while the project was being worked on was a bit of a pain, and someone had vandalized the Xbox360 wireless USB adapter, making it hard to test until Riley could solder it back together. Time was also spent working on all the documents and presentations required for the beta deadline.


  • We are now in Beta state
  • Now have time to work on other class finals


  • Not as far as I’d like to be
  • Equipment vandalism in the Replay lab is annoying



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