Riley Stewart WK 10 Winter PPJ

This weeks been one of the more productive so far. I finished up modeling the two towers I had been working on in time for beta.

I was looking to do more for the islands Matt had finished, unfortunately there were a few issues getting them to work properly in game, and we weren’t sure whether or not they would be done for beta. Because of this, we decided that we didn’t want to risk wasting time making buildings for islands that would potentially not be used (fortunately they got fixed up). I took a look at the particles sally made for the dragon, but wasn’t able to make any changes by this beta lock. Looking at them, i feel the best way to do the magic effect for the wings would be to have a dynamic texture on a webbing mesh, with smaller particle effects to go along with those textures, further enhancing the dynamics of the texture. However, that idea was met with some … stubborn… resistance. I don’t really have much of a say in the matter so guess I’ll futz around with just the particles.

Pros: models done

Cons: had to stop short on planned modeling.


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