Ruben Guzman PPJ Winter Week 10

This whole week was dedicated to one task. The Dragon Controller.

What a pain the dragon has been. What a pain- that’s still not finished. At least now the dragon is able to land while moving, land while in idle, take off while moving, take off while in idle, and shoot fire balls again. There’s been a lot of camera work done which helps a lot for the feeling of the flight movement. There’s also a bunch of bugs to fix because as of now the dragon can only land on about 2 islands and I don’t know why. And when it does land, I’m pretty much brute forcing it because the collisions are all screwed up.

Anyways, theres still some work to do before I can be freed from this dragon so I’ll show what I have.

Some dragon controls


  • Almost done


  • Theres still work to do

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