Sally Im PPJ Winter Week 10

This week was pretty hectic, but it was all worth it because we all got rewarded with a snow storm. This week was more or less putting the finishing touches on what was started this term. In the end, I couldn’t implement the new characters because of bugs in the game that we all felt was more important than dealing with the new horde of problems of replacing the current models.

Aside from that I also continued worked on the particles for the dragon because they looked meh, but that’s understandable because I only worked on them for a few hours that night and was just kind of figuring out the best way to attach them. I mostly played around with the textures of the particles this week to get them less sparkler-like and more like fire. There’s some more polish I still need to add such as embers and smoke, but in the editor it’s looks a lot more realistic with the added distortions. Although I’m a bit worried about how to make it more obvious when the dragon is in motion.


I also helped out Pat a bit with the menu and rendered out some images for the start screen. Rendering PBR is pretty difficult and it took a good chunk of my time just trying to replicate the look. They came out ok in my opinion but I’m hoping to return to them during polish.

Once again thanks for the snow, I really could use a nap.






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