Team PPJ Winter Week 10

This week was crunch time for the whole team, but we’ve made it through! With only one week to beta lock, we took time to plan exactly what needed to be done, how we would do it, and what would have to be cut from the game.

The art team worked on everything, trying to get the game as good looking as possible. They made new textures, new models, new rigs, and many many new animations to get in the game. Unfortunately, with all the bugs that needed to be fixed there was no time to implement much of that. Expect a big graphics boost next quarter when those get implemented!

The programming team was also all over the place. The rider got a lot of his blueprint logic revamped to be less buggy and less laggy. His weapons and animations replicate properly now, everything he does now is animated. He still has some bugs client side, but that’s an issue for spring quarter. The dragon also got a lot of new features and fixes this week. He lands and takes off now, can breath fire again, and overall has a lot of movement fixes that make it a lot of fun to play as the dragon. There’s also been a lot of camera work to aid in flying the dragon easily.

We’ve also revamped the lobby to allow for players to load in to a simple map to wait for all the teams to join before starting the real game, although for now the build excludes it to prevent potential bugs that may still arise.



We’ve achieved beta fellas!

An amazing amount of work got done this week

10×10’s week 10 is 10/10


Beta ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

A lot of work to look forward to next quarter


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