Josh Healy PPJ Spring Week 01

This week was a little of a slow start back in to the project for me, but I got some stuff done I’m happy with. There’s been a bug for a while now in the grapple that returns a massive amount of NULL return errors. It never affected gameplay, but it did affect performance. Now that it’s spring term and gameplay is pretty set, I was able to take the time to figure out the cause and fix it.

When the new dragon was imported, it didn’t completely work with currently existing features. I spent some time fixing things, and making sure that the rider would grapple smoothly on to it instead of teleporting on. It’s possible, though, that if the dragon is flying continuously while the rider grapples to him, that the dragon can effectively tow the rider behind him in the air by the rope. Undecided if we want to keep this as a feature and polish it, or fix it so that the rider always catches up.



Fixed some issues which had been put off to spring quarter

Game didn’t miraculously implode over the break


Slow week, had to get back in to the swing of things


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