Kevin Carlos PPJ Spring Week 01

I got a lot more work done than I thought I’d do, blasting down various bugs across the project as a whole.

What I spent most of my time on was setting up the 3 Team Map and Lobby. These both existed in a more base form in the beta, and the 2 Team lobby was fully functional, however, the 3 team map wasn’t fully functional. But now, the 3 team map is functional, scoring and moving islands correctly to the 3rd team base, and the 3rd team can win the game. The lobby also works now, moving all the players to the 3 team map when they are in the game, however there are still some minor bugs.

I also spent a lot of time fixing the dragon blueprint in our game. Previously we had introduced a new dragon model that was correctly scaled, but animations had to be retargeted. When this was done, certain settings were not followed, and the new animation blueprint wasn’t being used by the dragon, so I had to spend time fixing all of these problems. There are still some problems with the tail retargeting, but I made the art team aware of this issue and they should fix it. grassLOD

(New grass LODs)


Lastly, I spent a lot of time optimizing the project. I had deleted several hundred megabytes worth of old data which dated back to the summer off the project file to try and reduce file size. I also figured out that the particles were not correctly using LODs, primarily the grass and the dragon fire particles. I set up some pretty strong LODs for this and got a lot better performance on my laptop.

All in all this was a very productive week for myself.


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