Team PPJ Spring Week 01

First week of spring term was a bit slow to start as we all shifted back in to work mode. We all met after coming back from break to figure out where to start this quarter, and how we want to go about polishing the final game. A big push this quarter is going to be upgrading the graphics, and hopefully smoothing out gameplay.

The art team took a look at old animations, and has committed the next few weeks to finalizing animations before moving on. Most of the effort put in this week was on cleaning up animations we have, and deciding if there are any more that need to be added. They’ve also begun making new environment models,  particles for the dragon, and have started on the final UI design.

The programming team is mostly just continuing their work from last quarter. They managed to crush a few bugs which had been in background of the game a while. A new version of the dragon was also put in to the game, which was adjusted to be much easier to work with. The biggest change was the implementation of the lobby in to the game, which had been finished prior to break but never put in. Players will now spawn in to a lobby and wait for other teams to join.



Figured out what we’re focusing on this term

Made some nice improvements to existing work


Still a slow week back


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