Josh Healy Spring Week 2 PPJ

Ended up spending a lot of this week with family for the holidays, which meant that I wasn’t able to get a lot of work done (but on a side note, happy easter/passover). Most of my time this week was spent trying to figure out the bug with the rider’s ability to ride and attack the enemy dragon. It works fine from host to client, but client rider to host dragon still freaks out. I know this is some kind of replication issue, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is. Everything I try either doesn’t work or has some weird unexpected result.  In other news, Kevin spotted a bug where if the rider is hanging on a wall and immediately goes to riding the dragon, he stays in the hanging pose. That was something I was able to fix, so not a completely bad week.



Very few bugs left


There are always bugs left


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