Kevin Carlos Spring Week 02 PPJ

This week was a pretty productive one again, with a primary focus on polishing varying parts of the game that existed, but were either bugged or only partially done.

A lot of time was spent fixing bugs on the rider player controller. Before, on the client side the sword would not disappear in the beginning of the game, resulting in weird animation bugs and possible damage by running into invisible swords. This was fixed by messing with the sword code, and it now hides itself correctly. Also there was a bug where when the players die, the swords remained in the game and were not deleted. I fixed this bug as well. I also attempted to attack some weird client side archery bugs, where the arrows spawn in strange locations. I wasn’t able to find much of what was wrong with that, and didn’t make much progress on it.

I also spent time attempting to work with the Dragon controller, as the client side dragon’s fireballs were messed up. I spent a few hours on this, but didn’t get much accomplished, as I don’t know what’s causing the problem.

Lastly, I hit some UI bugs that’s were never worked on. These are primarily setting up controller support on the pause menu and game over menu. This has been set up, but new buttons need to be made for the pause and game over menu. Besides this I spent time setting up the controller to initially have a button selected when the game starts. So player’s don’t have to highlight a button first.


  • Got a lot of work done
  • Rider sword bugs fixed
  • UI menu issues in progress.


  • No progress on dragon bugs
  • Can’t do playtesting till dragon is fixed

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