Riley Stewart Spring Week 2 PPJ

Was a bit more productive this week. Took a bit of time trying to figure out how to get the dragon wing effects working properly, particularly by building a wing mesh for the dragon. however, at this point it’s a bit late to get that implemented, so i had to scrap that. The bulk of my time was spent working on the particle systems for the dragons fire attacks. I made three different versions for the three different teams, both a firebreath and fireball attack. The systems came out pretty great and don’t take up too much computational power. They should be getting implemented soon, and additionally gave me some ideas as to how to get the wing particles figured out for next week.

Pros: Finished fire particles

Cons: stumped on wings for a bitfireparticleSS3.jpgfireparticleSS2.jpgfireparticleSS1.jpg


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