Ruben Guzman PPJ Spring Week 02

This week I spent my time working on improving the dragon controller. Its given me more of headaches than I was hoping for. I have been trying to improve the animations of the dragon in engine. I’m not saying the animations are bad, it just very difficult to blend them all together.

At first, the problem was in the joints of the dragon skeleton. I was unable to work with any of them because the scale of the dragon was incredibly small. Last week there was a larger version of the dragon implemented into the game to make this work easier. BUT now for some reason I can’t access any of the settings of the joints. I was unable to accomplish my goal in making the feet and tail kinematic and “natural” like.

Another one of my goals this week was to improve the dragon aiming. The neck is able to move in each direction along with the camera. I think it looks good when flying straight and idle but I think it doesnt look natural enough when in flight and turning. The shooting animation also doesnt blend well when turning. Ive tried creating animation offsets to blend aiming and shooting but that was a challenge because I also had to try learning animoffsets first.

Kevin also brought to my attention a client side bug when shooting. It seems that the fireball wont shoot in the right direction. Weird because the firebreath works correctly. I couldn’t figure this out.

an early attempt at anim offsets

Pros: the dragon is slowly getting polished


  • slow progress
  • am getting less down than I want to
  • new bugs keep appearing

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