Healthy Moeung Spring Week 3 PPJ

Hi… I’m so tired. It’s 4 AM where I am. I’m currently working on the newest video. I hate this. I hate all nighters. I blame you, Lloyd. You should teach us work-life balance instead of letting our scope get too big :C

This week I wrapped up dragon animation lololol! I’m done! I ain’t ever gonna touch that dragon again… Is what I want to say. I’ll still need to do some things for the dragon if it needs to be done.

I’m gonna be a busy bee until graduation… Huh… I’m not really sure what to say. I’m waiting on promotional material…. I also want to take a nap. Uh, I have a lot planned for the upcoming weeks. My main goal is to get everything in tip top shape by week 7 so we can have a week to practice the presentation and a week to crush everything we need to crush… Just like my spirits.


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