Josh Healy Spring Week 03 PPJ

This week was a pretty productive one. I originally set out to work on the shield, but found some bugs in the health system caused by networking. I ended up spending a bunch of time reworking the system to be more concrete in how it deals damage. Still needs more polishing, but it’s better than before. I connected this new system to the mana system (still incomplete), connected that to the shield from way back, and now it’s actually present in game for the first time. Definitely not done, but I’m happy where it is.

After that I decided I wanted to do something fun, so I worked on making the rider rag doll when he dies. It ended up taking a lot longer than I thought, because it turned out I needed to make new physics bodies for the skeletal mesh. It’s not great, but ragdolling is officially in the game, which I’m pretty happy about.



Lots of work done

Two features present in game for the first time


Call me Elmer cuz I’m hunting bugs. My brain is destroyed enough to both write that and leave it in.


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