Kevin Carlos Spring Week 3 PPJ

This passed week was a lot of work. I was going everywhere around the project still putting out different bug fires. However, slowly but surely, the projects is getting better and better, and is now in a much better playable state than it has ever been.

First, I was continuing to work on a problem we had from last week, where the dragon client was unable to fire projectiles correctly. After a few hours, I found that it was the a replication issue with the player input on the client side that wasn’t correctly replicated to the server.



Once this was done, I moved to editing the particle wings on the dragons. After the replacement of the dragon by Sally, some of the particles on the wings looked very weird, were rotated the wrong way, and the way they trailed were weird. I spent some time and got some help from Riley editing the particles to get a slightly better look.


After the work on the dragon, I moved to our next biggest bug, which was sometimes the client player would Desync with the server player, resulting in a completely different movement between the two. After some research on line, I found the best way to handle this was to constantly update the client with the server’s location, preventing most types of desyncing.


Next, I spent some time editing the maps, changing island textures on the 3 team map, and resizing buildings. But the big thing I worked on here adding in a temporary light (which will be replaced later by a particle system made by Riley) which signaled which team captured an island. This was not a feature in from the beta, but as added in due to repeated comments that players did not know who captured an island when during gameplay.


Lastly, I did work on a major bug that was affecting player movement/grappling. For some reason, when the player grappled to the ground or his grappled bugged, his movement/rotation would also be bugged. After some intensive testing and bug hunting, I found the issues was again, due to a combination of replication issues and certain parameters not being reset when the grapple broke.



  • Lots of work done on coding side
  • Testing has begun


  • Still bugs
  • I feel as though the art them is behind
  • I think I’ve developed some kind of functional alcoholism

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