Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Spring Week 03

This week I practically finished adding the animations to the new character. Along the way, I spent a good amount of time revising them, and fixing or improving them. There are still a few animations I did not get to, some that I had not worked on previously, and some that were not backed up properly, and couldn’t be transferred onto the character as easily. Most of the animations were pretty simple to fix, though most of them had no animation on the fingers, so I added that where needed. For the melee and bow animations I had to take several steps back, since they need to be split from a full clip in order for the beginning and end poses to match up. I also used the new sword model on the melee combo, and made sure it didn’t clip through the floor at any point. For the aimwalk cycles, I decided that 2 of them were not good enough and remade them from the raw mocap footage. Since the animation is only the lower body, I did have to spend a huge amount of time on them.

I haven’t been posting any pictures/videos/sketchfab embeds in my ppj’s lately, mostly because it seems unnecessary until the animations are in the game again, but here’s something:


  • Very productive week.
  • Transitioning animations this was worthwhile.


  • I expect the next step to have many issues.
  • Some new animations may be needed.

Best Movie this week was City of Pirates.


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