Sally Im Spring PPJ Week 3

This week I did a whole lotta something compared to the previous weeks. I was able to texture the dragons and rider characters and add an additional color for the third team we plan on implementing later. Sadly we still didn’t get the new rider character in the game because of bugging issues and he’s still waiting around in the content browser.

A few weeks a go Healthy designed some health bars for the HUD and since she was busy I went ahead and vectorized them for her and they came out pretty well.

I also did some experimenting with the lighting in the game, but I didn’t get a chance to make any noticeable differences because I’m still getting used to lighting in unreal and also I can’t make any definite changes until we replace the skybox with the new matte painting so I can follow the lighting accurately.

Other than that, I also spent time helping out here and there such as retargeting the skeletons for the animations, and updating the presentation and trailer for the game.


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