Team PPJ Spring Week 03

Hello world, we’re tired. Thankfully, though, that means we had a productive week. There’s a  (far off) light at the end of the senior project tunnel, which means most of what we’re doing is refinement to existing work. The art team spent a lot of this week cleaning old animations, particles, sprucing up the UI, and working on presentation materials. Unfortunately the new rider is still sitting in the content browser waiting to be added.

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The programming team also had a productive week. There were a lot of features made winter term that never made their way in to the game for various reasons. Now, with some work, they’re finally making their debut. For example, the rider now has access to his magic shield. Bug fixes all around as per usual, and the map was changed around a bit to have a new skybox, and a beam of light that shoots out of captured islands. Just for fun, the rider also rag dolls when he dies now.

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A lot of work got done this week

The game is becoming a lot more playable.


We’re tired.

The game still feels like it has a long way to go before it plays smoothly


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