Josh Healy PPJ Spring Week 04

This was a  pretty good week for work. I didn’t quite get everything I wanted done (what else is new?), but I solved some bugs that had been there for a long time. One serious bug was the client’s ability to grapple to the enemy dragon, which if you remember my PPJs is something I’ve struggled with for months. The client rider now correctly attaches itself to the enemy dragon’s EnemySocket. There are still two issues: damaging doesn’t replicate, and the animation doesn’t play. These are both two easy things to fix, though. The animation no longer plays because this feature was made before the anim blueprint got so complex, so it’s getting over powered. The health replication is also a few minute fix, but I want to spend next week reorganizing this code to get it out of the event tick. Hopefully that’ll speed the game up a tiny bit. I’m also working with Ricardo to try to get the Rider to move with the dragon when it flies.


Fixed a major major bug

Some tiny visual improvements

Rider also shouldn’t be falling through the floor anymore


Still lots of work to do

Slightly behind on my schedule


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