Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Spring Week 04

This week, I worked on some animations that were not in game yet, and got a good start on implementing the new character into the game. The take damage animation was scrapped last term, but we decided we would use it after all. When I opened it, I realized several things about it would not work, so I spent some time fixing it. Additionally, mocap was shot for shield animation, not used. There were two basic options, and I made decent versions of each so the team could see them and help decide.

I started implementing the new character and animations into the current project. There are still a few things missing before it can be fully implemented, but I got past two major hurdles. The first issue was that the model was hovering a few feet above the ground (the previous one was only a few inches, so it wasn’t so major). After much frustration and research, I found out that Unreal was “auto aligning” the floor plane, but doing a terrible job at it. After turning that off, it was no longer an issue, since we had made sure to do it manually when we made the animations.

Afterwards, I needed to find a nice way to duplicate the animation blueprint for the new character. It didn’t take as long, but I found an option in retargeting that duplicates the animation blueprint, and makes retargeted versions of all the animations in it. Because I did not spend any time making sure the retargeting settings were correct (because I didn’t have to), the initial result was this:

Which is actually at a much better place than it was previously, even if it doesn’t look that way. From now, I can just replace the janky animations with the polished ones I’ve spent the past few weeks on and it looks fine. There are still a few that are missing, and the animation blueprint will be added onto in the coming weeks.

Not a great week movie-wise, but my favorite was Rivette’s Gang of Four.


  • Cleared two major hurdles
  • Re-implementation is going smoothly


  • Still a good amount of work left to do on the animations
  • I have to redo the animation notifies (annoying)

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