Healthy Moeung Spring Week 05 PPJ

Let’s see. This week, I’ve spent time cleaning up some island models. I’m sculpting over old stuff so we can pull normals from them and place them on lower polys. They seem to take some time. I’m almost done cleaning up models. I wish I had less classes to work longer but these stupid normals already took so long. I was supposed to work on a new UI design clean up but I’m still waiting on one thing to be scrapped before I finalize it. Here have some before and after of the islands.

I am a little upset these days that the mocappers are still working on mocap and things. I understand retargetting takes time so I’m not entirely upset about that. Just a little cause it’s taking so long. I’m more so upset that they’re adding in taunts when the game isn’t even done. We’re trying our best to polish the game and it’s hard when one of us are doing our best to refine models and the other is lighting while we try to texture crap in between. I really wanted an art lock by week 7, with the exception of UI for another week. But now I don’t know how that will work out. If worst comes to worst, we have our final models and lighting locked down. Only textures would need to be updated continuously. If it came to that, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

With Sally and I on art, it’s coming together.
We might make it.
A month left right?

Where these pros and cons still a thing?
Are we gonna be okay?
Poor coders.
I’m hungry right now. Lloyd, can you buy me food?


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