Ricardo Yanofsky PPJ Spring Week 05

This week I continued fixing the animations and implementing them in the blueprint. All but one of the animations are in currently, which led me to a bit more work that has to be done. Since some of the animations are older, and I had not considered transitions from others, I will have to fix some of the poses. The biggest thing I did this week was a blendspace for the character while he is riding the dragon. Based on the feedback we got from the faculty, I came up with a fairly simple solution that would save us the headache of implementing some sort of dynamic system. It’s not a whole lot of work, it’s 6 poses that are fairly similar to each other, with no animation (for now). It took longer than you’d think though, since I had to base it off of the dragons flying poses, many of which existed only as a skeleton. Getting them together and switching to them was annoying, but it ultimately ended up being an improvement to the game. Additionally after its implementation, the mount animation was easy to plug in, and works pretty well too.

This is I think the fifth time I have listed an Éric Rohmer film as my favorite for the week (out of the 7 I have seen this year), but this week I watched The Aviator’s Wife, and his movies are just that good.


  • The work I did actually had a notable improvement on the game this time.
  • Almost done with the animations.


  • It’s a lot rougher than I thought it would be at this point, and it’s going to take time to fix.



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