Sally Im Spring PPJ Week 5

This week I primarily worked on updating lighting and skybox. So far a lot has been done which should be finalized tonight actually because I couldn’t get everything in due to working on the presentation.

Really big changes i made were experimenting with which types of clouds we’ll be Officially using. the one on the left is made from a particle system and is a lot better for Being flown through and the fluffier and whiter one is just a dynamic texture that is Inside a sphere that looks better visually until you collide into it and realize it’s all a lie. So i will also be making a third one out of image planes to see how well that’s gonna Appear before i begin filling out the environment.

Pretty simple update i made was adding a panning cloud texture to the light map and get It to get rid of that flat lighting we had before and to break up the environment. it’s less Even which is good but still a little dark and fast, but that can be easily fixed.

Can you see a difference in the sky? hopefully you noticed that there’s a moon that i Easily placed in now that we decided we’re going with a nighttime scene. i didn’t get an Other chance to add color grading yet but i am hoping to make everything more blueish So in the end its also a lot brighter in some areas.

Hopefully things aren’t completely slowing down i feel like i was able to start on all the In-game assets we needed and this week i’m going to suffer trying to finish them week in Time for the deadline.




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