Team PPJ Spring Week 05

This week has been all about getting art updates in to the game and cleaning up the game’s look. We’re trying to address a lot of the issues faculty had at the week 4 presentation, and so far it’s going well. The new rider character which we’ve been showing in presentations for a while has finally been implemented, and for the most part works with all of the old code (some fixes had to be applied). He also has new animations on the dragon so that he actually mounts, then moves as the dragon turns under him. The art team also spent a lot of time working on environmental art, adding to the current skybox, sculpting detail in to the islands in zbrush, and reworking the clouds to look nicer and work better in game.

Programmers have mostly been locked in to refining and bug fixing for a while now. Exceptions only come when we get asked to add something during a presentation or in playtesting. This week that took the form of adding in a way to track your teammate during the game. A UI element will show you where you partner is on the map when looking in their direction, making it easier to navigate and allowing us to get rid of the mini map.


Productive week

The game is looking great!


The struggle to keep up motivation as the year draws to a close is getting worse.

Art implementations take time


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