Healthy Moeung Spring Week 06 PPJ

I swear these PPJs might be labeled one week behind. It’s week 7 isn’t it? Never the less, art lock should be in before we present tomorrow. And they are not. But I’m not too worried about that. We’re in a decent spot. 😀

Few issues: Still waiting on whether or not we can rid of the minimap to lock down the UI which I would love right now. But I’m told we’re so close. Just got to get it working on the client side! 😀 So I’m pretty excited for that. There is someone in my group right now who I would like to do work instead of just pushing it off and saying ‘i don’t know how to do it.’ I learned, they can too. I would also like the several updated assets i asked for 3 weeks ago which should have been done…. 3 weeks ago… I would like our rider character to stop having things added to him and refined what is on him. His full speed run is a light jog. I can’t believe we’re still doing mocap too. Hummm… I asked for help earlier cause I was pulling an all nighter. I was pretty tired so I said I couldn’t get something in the presentation. I still am. Also maybe pulling another all nighty. We shall see. But it’s funny. I told my group that I was busy and don’t have two hours to do something for the presentation. My greeting was “good thing the presentation isn’t due in two hours.” Miiiiistreated, misplaced, misunderstood. Lol wtf is going on with my brain right now.

What I did this week: I finished up island normals as well as trees. 😀 I also textured trees! We has trees! Whoo~ They will hopefully be in the build before we meet Wagner (prolly not tho) Sorry faculty, you won’t see everything Sally and I have been changing in the world. You will see how hard Pat and I worked on the presentation though! I laid out a script if we fail to speak, I’ve got most of the flow down, just wanted to change one thing. Hit all the feedback from last week. I cleaned up a new monolith. Just a bunch of random tasks that I did and contributing.


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