Team PPJ Spring Week 06

This week was a hard one for a lot of the team. Truth be told, as we near the end of senior project communication is starting to break down and tensions are rising. With that said, we’re almost done! Because of that, a lot of this week was just refining what already exists and working on the presentation. The rider is strictly at programming polish and bug fixes, and the dragon controller is being tweaked and polished. Only a few more game breaking bugs to go in the island capture system!

As for the artists, they’ve been working hard on bringing the map to life; there are new models being detailed and textured, and the map itself is looking great. The presentation is also pushing the artists, but they’ve done a great job making it look nice.


Game looks really nice now

Having time to just work on bugs is nice


We’re having a little trouble keeping it together as we reach the end


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