Healthy Moeung Spring Week 07 PPJ

Trees. I made nice trees. I UVed stuff cause when I asked certain people to UV their items, SO WHERE ARE THE UVs!? I must be speaking chinese, right? Why else people wouldn’t listen to my instructions. Sally was able to texture most herself. What else… I’m often asked what can someone do. I don’t know, how about help with what I ask and then do it and not pretend you don’t know how. Who cares if there’s less than 3 weeks left. I learn and I execute. Why do I have to listen about “I don’t know it.” THEN LEARN. The art is coming together. Idk where the UI is. Last I heard is that the tracker is scrapped so we are keeping our minimap. But the UI I designed isn’t staying cause well… I don’t know why. Who cares, right? A good chunk of my group has seemed to given up. I suppose I should too but I won’t cause I follow through with my work. Probably cause I’m a double minority in this field so I have to work three times as hard. If I were a white guy I would probably be as lazy as I want to without repercussions, am I right? The presentation, I laid out the base of it and Kevin and Pat revamped it. We had placeholder art and got ripped apart.

Don’t worry though. I’m not short of work. I’ll keep working until the end. Now excuse me while I go help update the presentation slides.

SOME of my group still cares. And I sincerely am thankful to those who are still working.

I’m not white and I am not a male.


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