Team PPJ Spring Week 07

This week was a long one, with tensions on the team getting pretty high as we start drawing to a close. The art team is getting together as much environment work as possible to clean up the look of the game, but some members are doing more work than others, making it difficult to get things done. Overall, our game still manages to look great. We’ve also got our UI in, which will be finished by next week’s presentation. From the programming side, it’s all about bug fixes. Island collision issues were fixed, riding issues were fixed, particle issues were fixed, etc. Overall, though, there are more bugs than we can realistically fix by the deadline. For such a high scoped game we’ve done a great job, but there’s more to do than can be done in time. We threw in taunts, by the way. It was quick and easy, and was something to remind us that we like making video games. That’s pretty cool.


Lots got done this week, art and programming wise

Taunts are cool


Heavy imbalances in how much each member does

Serious tension in art team

Won’t fix all the bugs in time.


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