Patrick Kim PPJ Personal Postmortem

For the senior project, there were lots of up and downs. It has been one long year and I can’t believe this is my last term for college. It has been hard one year of creating an original game. I wished everything went well throughout the term, but things got apart when life hit me. I had about 60 credits to graduate and needed to work on job searching as well. I learned lots of new things throughout the last three-quarter, I am good with that.

Things that went well:

  1. Learning Unreal Engine was a huge bonus for me because lots of game industry seek Unreal developers because the engine has more features than the Unity.
  2. Meeting and working with new people was a great
  3. Learning how grass worked was challenging for me. I had to take one big online class to make it realistic with wind effect. I am glad that I mastered in foliage.
  4. I created and developed lots of new assets. I think one of the biggest privileges for me was able to use blueprint and art asset at the same time. When I was bored or stuck at coding, I pushed the coding and worked on art.

Things that didn’t go well:

  1. I spent most of my time researching because the things I worked on was relatively new to me.
  2. Too many classes and I couldn’t focus on the senior project
  3. Time management was destroyed because of other classwork and senior project together.
  4. Disorganized where communication was a big issue sometimes, and file management was difficult.

Lessons to be learned:

  1. Let’s not procrastinate
  2. Name all the file for easier cleanup
  3. Larger team has the worst availability of time.





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