Riley Stewart PPJ Personal Post Mortem

Well, overall alot…. happened… good or bad.


  1. We have a game that functions and has overall good art and meets the requirements laid out for us in order to complete our degree. yay.
  2. Our team made consistent and steady progress throughout the year while working on the game.
  3. Using unreal is fun


  1. So, yeah, being fired from your own position as art director is certainly a bad thing. I’ll admit I was a complete and utter failure as an art director. Going into the project I was actually really excited to work on and design the project and lead the art team. However, a  huge flaw with our team was the lack of ability to properly communicate, especially among the art team and everyone wanted something completely different. Generally speaking, everyone wanted to take the game in a completely different direction than everyone else that led to making compromises incredibly difficult. Furthermore, members of the team (some far more than others) would get incredibly combative during meetings while we were discussing ideas leading to large arguments that took up hours of each meetings, and would often entail outright personally insulting other peoples ideas and even the other people themselves. Oddly enough, “because it’s fucking stupid” is not a good way to criticize each others ideas when you don’t agree with it. This was not everyone, as other members contributed… well… nothing. Literally never talked or contributed ideas even when asked. I tried my best to manage the team democratically so that everyone could have their own ideas implemented and contribute to the design of the game, while still retaining a strong consistent focus throughout, but overall our team as a whole was too conflicted in design ideas and this led to the design of the game to really not be what it should and overall fall flat. I tried my best to maintain and organize a group effort for this project, but most times when I attempted to manage the group and creative direction I was not only not taken seriously at all, but flat out disrespected as a group leader, as everyone wanted to do the managing themselves and would outright talk over and ignore any attempt at structure and leading meetings. Maybe I should have been stricter and harsher as a leader, running the team in a way that would make Stalin jealous, as opposed to trying to let everyone have their say and contribute. Overall this let to me being burnt out and basically just give up by the end of fall term. It’s hard to run a team when people have very little respect for you to begin with and opt to just ignore and mock both your ideas and you as an individual. People are complaining “oh, i wanted to step up because we didnt have creative direction”. Bullshit, it was there, but it was often ignored to begin with and just used as a scapegoat to blame when things went to shit. Suffice to say, this very quickly drained not just my motivation to work as art director, or on the project, but to also work in the industry as a whole. If my whole purpose in these projects is just to get shit on, disregarded, blamed, mocked, and looked down upon not just by the team but by the whole graduating class and even the instructor, then I don’t want to be a part of it.
  2. Communication was garbage on our team. see point one. Furthermore, there was alot of personal drama between individuals, with alot of people having personal biases against others which made working between certain people incredibly difficult, and alot of passive aggressive tension going on.
  3. 90%of the work was done the night before class each week, leading to necessary all-nighters the night before each class
  4. I feel like I went over enough. I should note though that not all of these criticisms extend to everyone, and the people who avoided these issues did so very well.


Tough to say.


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