Team PPJ Spring Week 08

So much is happening now! That’s it, it’s all coming to a close. Despite the last few weeks of saying “hey, senior project is almost over,” you know what? Hey, senior project is almost over. If only that meant we were winding down on work. As always, for everything we fix, another problem starts up. So close to the finish line and networking rears it’s ugly head again, this time creating massive lag issues for the client. Will our heroes fix this in time? Maybe. Artwise, we’re looking pretty good. We hit the art lock and everything is looking great, especially the new UI which was finally added. Programmers are desperately fighting bugs and figuring out what to do to make this the most presentation ready project it can be. We also (almost) all got together to work on the presentation and eat pizza, which was nice.


The game really came together

Less tension this week


So many sudden bugs, this is really not the time for this

Networking. Just networking, that’s the con.


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